Wednesday, 27 February 2008

^&%$£&! and !*$%^&


That's the sound of my teeth-gnashing while I'm trying to teach myself to spin. Fair enough I've only been at it two days, but WHY am I not an expert already? WHY? WHY I ASK YOU!!??

Anyhoo, here's one of my two mr moo-crafted drop spindles (the other one's at home being finished while I'm away). Tis lovely innit? And square. The other one's round though.

Now my problem is not so much the spinning bit (well not much) but I can't even get the blinkin leader attached to the spindle properly *sigh*

The other thing is that I can't seem to pull the fibres out of the roving properly, it just breaks. I am going to keep trying though. I WILL master the bugger or die trying.

OK that was maybe a bit dramatic.

This is my first very very poor attempt at spinning:

Coming next: less swearing, more interviewing. It's Quintessentially's turn for the random interview :)


debsmuddle said...

Poor moo stick at it.I have always wanted to try drop spinning

Nutty Knitter said...

Yay for spinning!
You'll LOVE IT, Moo. Just keep trying!