Saturday, 31 May 2008

Random Interview: Chichiboulie

Hello Random Interview fans, and welcome to the next in the series. This time sees me travelling to the land of the cheese eating surrender monkeys* to meet the beeeeeyotiful chichi.

Have a rummage around her etsy shop at for all your fairy, bookmark, colouring book, cupcake and painting needs.

So, down to business. We meet at a rather pewsh restaurant in gay pareeeeee (OK chichi doesn't actually live in gay pareeee but for blog purposes supsend your disbelief for a moment mkay?) where a suitably camp waiter minces over to ask us if we're ready to order..

'Vin rouge!' we cry 'and be vite about it man!'
The waiter cocks an eyebrow and goes off to do our bidding.

Q: What were you doing 3 hours ago?
A: I was at a home sale held by 4 local artists. Bought a little message board and got some good info!

Q: What's your favourite cheese?
A: A really good camembert, "bien fait" or an excellent parmasean. And there's one more, but I can never remember the name. Very gooey and sticky to spread, just like I always imagined cheese should be when I was little (authors note... I think she's talking about dairylea?? LOL)

Q: My friend anne says people can be divided into two groups - horses or cabbages.Are you a horse or a cabbage?
A: Hmmm..... I do love cabbage I have to admit. But maybe more of a horse? I don't really know. I can see myself as both at times. But I think I most resemble a guinea pig actually.

At this point, the waiter minces back with our wine. We're not ready to order yet. The waiter sniffs, looks down his (quite considerable nose) at us, and goes away again.

Q: Fill in the blanks. I really should have _________ yesterday
A: GOTTEN MORE WORK DONE and not eaten so many biscuits.

Q: Which shoe do you put on first?
A: Well, I've just tried and it was right, but I don't think it's an unbiased test as I was purposely doing it. How about which ever foot is the coldest.

Having had a glass each, we now decide that we are only going to order food that can be prefixed with the word 'boulie'. We summon the waiter.

'I'll have the bouliebeetroot soup to start' I say, and chichi chooses the boulieblini. We order the rest of the meal and the waiter toddles off.

Q: Say something annoying.
A: Whassup..........

Q: What are you having for dinner?
A: Risotto with whatever veg I can find. We had roast chicken last night so left overs and my sister is flying in from the US this afternoon so a risotto is quick and easy.

Q: What's your favourite word?
A: Accapatoio. I just love the way it sounds. It's Italian for Bathrobe. Very useful word as well, don't you agree?

Starters having been swiftly dispatched, our main courses arrive. I'm having beef bouliebourgingnon, and chichi is having bouliebouillabaise.

Q: What are cats for?
A: Drawing and colouring in with flowers and dots. :) (Authors note... SHAMELESS self promotion!!)

Q: What do you call the little black thing on the ends of shoelaces?
A: Uhm.... I don't have shoelaces... I have no idea, but according to Wikipedia, it's called and Aglet. According to Tom Cruise it's called a Flugal Binder, but what does he know? I'm going with Aglet.

The waiter arrives to clear our plates and take our orders for pudding. I decide to go with the boulieblancmange, and chichi has bouliebrulee :) The waiter clearly thinks we're bouliebonkers.

Q: If you were in hell and you were cross with someone, where would you tell them to go?
A: Disneyland or any crowded shopping mall during the holidays.

As we finish of our puds, I ask chichi the burning question.... her verdict on marmite. 'No' she says, 'it's yucky and smells funny too. Who on earth ever though to spread that on toast and then eat it?!'

(My guess is the French)

And as a grand finale to our little outing, chichi expresses herself through the medium of modern dance and then explains what she did:

'Well, I'm listening to Jim Croce at the moment so a little bit of a jig, a bit of jazz and a smidge of "le rock" as we say here in France.'

The waiter applauds.