Sunday, 20 April 2008

Random Interview #3 - ColdCell

Welcome to the thrid in the random etsy-people interview series. This week tis the wondrous ColdCell, aka DruDesigns, aka Andrew :)
Andrew has two (count 'em!) shops on etsy. ColdCell ( sells photographs on the north of England in all it's northern marvellousness, while in DruDesigns ( you can get all sorts of animal cuteness as prints or badges or notecards.
So for this interview, me and Andrew have packed a picnic and are yomping around the northern countryside (as you do). Picture the scene, reader... an idyllic nook in the English countryside, two friends walking up hill and down dale, sheeps, birdies, mices and bees all busy around us.
We stop and sit on a stone wall, unpack our picnic and commence chattage...

Q: What were you doing 3 hours ago?
A: Trying to find my N.O.U.A.S CD, with little success i might add. I am sure somebody keeps hiding it from me.
Q: What's your favourite cheese?
A: I like extra mature cheddar and some stuff sold at Asda (i think) that has pickled onions in it.
Q: My friend Anne says people can be divided into two groups - horses or cabbages.Are you a horse or a cabbage?
A: Hmm, i think Anne is a rather odd person... but i will have to say horse. Big and loveable when you get to know them. ;)

[At this point in the interview, a sheep begins to show rather too much interest in Dru's sarnies]

Q: Fill in the blanks. I really should have _________ yesterday
A: I really should have stayed in bed yesterday.
Q: Which shoe do you put on first?
A: The left one, i am not sure why but i always have.

[Dru looks at me round the sheep, who is practically sitting on our picnic blanket]

Q: What are you having for dinner?
A: Dinner? You big southern born softy. ;)But to answer the question, probably pizza or chinese food.
Q: Have you ever eaten a) a crayon b) chewing gum c) toothpaste?
A: Crayon, no. Chewing gum, yes. Hasn't everybody swallowed chewing gum some time?Toothpaste, yes. Same as chewing gum, hasn't everybody at some time?
Q: What's your favourite word?

[Dru starts moving away from the sheep in a mildly panicked manner]

A: I'm not really sure that i have a favourite word, certainly not one that would be suitable for this informative and serious blog!I suppose if you pushed me i would have to say brevity, although i hardly ever get to use it. haha
Q: Which is wronger? Lorraine Kelly or Judy Finnegan?
A: Judy Finnegan... Lorraine Kelly is more attractive. :P

[The sheep starts following Dru]

Q: How many cups of tea do you drink in a day?
A: None, i hate the stuff with an absolute passion.
Q: If olive oil is made of olives, what is baby oil made of?
A: Babies sacrificed on a stone alter to please the gods! I thought that was common knowledge?

Q: Please express how you feel today through the medium of modern dance, and then describewhat you did.

A: *Dances lazily*Well, i tried to express pain and illness by limping onto the dance floor and then doing the most amazing moonwalk you ever saw (you were squinting at the time). I then seamlessly went into the robot (you are still squinting) and then slowly hobbled back to my chair.

Q: [shouted at Andrew as he quite frankly runs like a girl away from the sheep] And finally,your verdict on marmite?
A: [shouted from a distance]Marmite is the food of the gods, screw ambrosia (from Greek mythology, not the milk based crap you can buy at supermarkets. :P)... Marmite is the way to go!

And with that, he disappears over a hill. If you don't see him for a few days we shall have to send in the St Bernards.