Sunday, 2 March 2008

Random Etsy Interview #2 - Quintessentially

Quintessentially is a rather marvellous etsy seller (, 'providing etsy with a much needed dollop of Britishness', and charmingly lays out for your viewing pleasure, photographic delights of the sights around our fair isle.

This pic of a doorway was taken during a trip to a spooky graveyard, although we would hope that Quintessentially doesn't frequent such places...

Other examples of Britishness from Quintessentially can be seen on the right ------------------------------->

The lovely Charlotte (for that is the lady's name), kindly agrees to meet me for high tea at the Ritz in London Village, Englandshire to conduct this terribly British interview:

'AIR HAIR LAIR' says Charlotte, daintily sipping Earl Grey with her pinkie up. 'I'm SAY glad you agreed to interview me, it's a RAIL hoot!'*

So, to the questions:

Q:What were you doing three hours ago?
A: Three hours ago I was sitting in Starbucks with my two friends getting some Statistics work done- exciting stuff! Unfortunately i didn't have enough money to buy a coffee :(

Q: What's your favourite cheese?
A: Hmmmm, probably brie with crackers :)

Q: Did you feel the earthquake the other day?
A: YES I DID! All the bottles on top of my wardrobe started shaking (not that theres ALOT of bottles up there..)

Q: Fill in the blanks... I really should have ________ yesterday
A: limited my drinking

Q: Which shoe do you put on first?
A: interesting question, i wonder if its linked to your handedness! I put my right on first

Q: What are you having for dinner?
A: Rice with poached salmon and carrots and spring onions :)

Q: Have you ever eaten a) a crayon b) chewing gum c) toothpaste
A: I always swallow my chewing gum, toothpaste i have accidently choked on a few times, but i hope i havent eaten a crayon!

Q: What's your favourite word?
A: Mushroom!

Q: Have you ever won a competition? what was it and what was the prize?
A: ooh ive only ever won one and it was a pub raffle and i won a Play Station two- wellchuffed!

Q: How many cups of tea do you drink in a day?
A: Usually 2 cups of herbal tea

Q: Belly button - innie or outie?
A: Innie- outie's are weird!!

Q: Your verdict on marmite please?
A: Hate it

and finally, please express how you feel today through the medium of modern dance, and then describe what you did.

My dance routine went something like this: a slow shuffle and plonk onto my bed

Thank you Quintessentially, now take a bow and make a speech:

Thankyou one and all for reading about me, me and more me :) If you would like to keep hearing more about me then visit me blog

*this bit is made up


ChichiBoulie said...

BBC - I think you've found your next anchorwoman. Serious stuff here. Bravissimo!

QuintessentiallyEnglish said...

haha loooved the interview dahling! spiffing stuff!

Siansburys said...

excellent interview, great dance too

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Sian x

jode said...

Thanks for cheering me up with you total randomness